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An early stage venture fund based in Brooklyn, NY.

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We are TACK


TACK seeks out the smartest people in the room—those that possess an insatiable curiosity for both innovation and the culture that will adopt it. We seek out founders with bold vision and the resilience to see it realized. When the fit is right, we invest our time, capital, and creativity in their companies. It's a simple formula that requires hard work and a love for the journey.


Our Investments

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The sports network for the next generation

The Overtime app delivers mobile-first sports content for millennials and Gen Z, producing videos that drive tens of millions of watch time each month. 

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Stories that make a vast world seem intimate

Roam seeks out content on every corner of the globe, broadcasting adventure into the pockets of people everywhere.  

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A mobile provider that puts people before profit

Wing delivers the same mobile coverage as the Big 4 carriers while never treating anyone like a number. It is a customer-first service in a world of legacy giants.

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About Us


TACK is tim and callie katt

We founded TACK in 2015 as a husband-and-wife team with extensive investment and operational expertise.

We've experienced the trials of entrepreneurship firsthand and can appreciate the uncertainty and difficulty of the founder journey. As a small outfit, we can offer you our availability and our empathy. We always aim to be the most helpful investor on your cap table.